All-or-Nothing Thinking: Beaufort Dentist on Why This Sabotages Oral Health

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People like to imagine dentists as killjoys who don’t want you to ever have sweets or coffee and who judge you for not having perfect oral hygiene. At Gower Family Dentistry, we’re all about having realistic expectations. Colorful candy and beloved beverages are hard to resist, and some days, flossing perfectly just isn’t in the cards. Our Beaufort dentist, Dr. Jessica M. Gower, encourages you to abandon black-and-white thinking when it comes to oral health. Instead, try these tips for creating more attainable dental goals. 

Try Mindful Eating Instead of Elimination

In other words, don’t try to abstain from all chocolate or all coffee. You’ll likely set yourself up for failure. Instead, stay aware of how often you’re treating yourself. A good rule of thumb is to have designated “treat times” that prevent mindless snacking. This could be a small glass of wine when you eat out or a couple of pieces of candy on a Saturday afternoon. The key is consistency and clear boundaries.

Our Beaufort Dentist Recommends Happy Alternatives

While an occasional candy bar is fine, you can also try healthier alternatives to satisfy cravings without wreaking havoc on oral health. Consider a very dark chocolate or white wine instead of red. These alternatives can be just as delightful and are less likely to cause tooth cavities or stains.

Doing What You Can Is Dentist-Approved

Anything worth doing is worth doing well enough. By that, Gower Family Dentistry means that it’s better to do at least something for your oral health rather than nothing at all. Flossing when you can is better than never flossing. Don’t let fear of not measuring up to some perfect dental ideal keep you from taking any steps for your well-being. Come in for your regular cleanings and dental exams, ask us for practical tips, and aim for progress, not perfection. 

Our Practice’s Tips for Setting Yourself Up for Success

  • Have What You Need on Hand: Stock up on soft-bristle toothbrushes and floss, don’t keep too many sugary snacks in the house, and have alternatives ready for when you get cravings. 
  • Schedule in Advance: We love it when you book your next appointment right after you see us. Our staff can schedule for your whole family. 
  • Talk to Our Dentist: Dr. Gower can offer tailored solutions to any oral health concern. Checking in also gives us a chance to potentially catch any underlying problems. For instance, bad breath could be a sign you need flossing tips, or it could mean you need gum disease treatment
  • Embrace Middle-Ground Options: Addressing specific dental problems is not all-or-nothing. For instance, if you want to update your smile but can’t manage a full smile makeover, you can try dental bonding or have porcelain veneers placed on just some problem teeth. There are always options!

Set and Meet Realistic Dental Goals with Our Beaufort Dentist

Gower Family Dentistry’s ultimate goal is for you to stay healthy. Make an appointment to talk about what that looks like for you. We can give you practical tips and strategies to help you find the right balance between living on candy and coffee and depriving yourself of any indulgences. We don’t judge. We just want to help!

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