Neuromodulator Injectables are a nonsurgical, temporary treatment that provides cosmetic and therapeutic improvement for the head and neck areas. A neuromodulator injectable is the first and only treatment FDA-approved to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better in adults. Certified Injector, Dr. Jessica M. Gower, has been treating patients with neuromodulator injectables for years to relieve unwanted wrinkles, giving patients a younger, more refreshed version of themselves. She is also trained in neuromodulator injectables therapy to relieve TMJ pain and discomfort.

Benefits of Neuromodulator Injectables

Cosmetic Neuromodulator Injectables can create a smoother look to the skin which creates a younger, healthier appearance to the skin. Skin that is smoother not only makes a patient look younger but also has the benefit of making make up apply more even, creates a more rested and relaxed facial appearance, and can eliminate the need for other surgical treatments.

In addition to smoother skin, Cosmetic Neuromodulator Injectables can help to open the eyes make them appear bigger and brighter. By giving the eyebrows a more uniform shape, and if desired, more lift and arch, the patient can achieve a look that makes them look well rested and less droopy. Some patients find this removes the need for surgical eye surgery.

Some patients complain of showing too much of their gum tissue when they smile. Often called a “gummy smile”, Neuromodulator Injectables can treat the extreme pull of the upper lip and by relaxing it, create a smile that is more ideal showing the right proportion of teeth and gums.

Therapeutic Neuromodulator Injectables are the same product as Cosmetic Neuromodulator Injectables but how it is used is different. By targeting muscles that can cause migraines and TMJ pain, Therapeutic Neuromodulator Injectables can relax these muscles and prevent spasms and overuse that create pain and tension.


Who Needs Neuromodulator Injectables?

If you suffer from:

  • unwanted wrinkles
  • looking more tired and older
  • a gummy smile
  • thinning of lips
  • lines forming above and below the lips, often called “smokers lines”
  • migraines
  • TMJ pain, including clenching and grinding
  • drooping or sagging around the eyes

Is Neuromodulator Injectables Right For Me?

Neuromodulator Injectables delivers predictable results that has given it a reputation for treatment that is easy to perform and desired results seen quickly. Patients who should not receive Neuromodulator Injectables treatment at Gower Family Dentistry are patients who are pregnant, nursing, allergic to egg, allergic to human albumin, those with skin irritations or infections in the treatment zone, or those allergic to Neuromodulators. Consultations at our office are complimentary and can allow for your custom Neuromodulator Injectables plan to be created.

What To Expect

Each patient will have a consultation with Dr. Gower to decide if Neuromodulator Injectables is right for them. This will include the areas to be treated as well as how much of the medication will be used. Neuromodulator treatment is typically measured in units. Each patient will need a different amount of units and this will vary depending on how many areas will be treated and how strong a patients muscles are working. The stronger a muscle the more Neuromodulator that will be needed to relax the muscle to prevent wrinkles, overuse, or pain. Once the dosage has be prescribed and a cost treatment plan reviewed with the patient, the patient can decide to have Neuromodulator Injectables treatment that day or can schedule for treatment.

At the time of treatment, pretreatment photos will be taken, a consent for treatment form signed, and the skin will be cleansed with an alcohol wipe. Dr. Gower will mark where the Neuromodulator will be placed and this will be recorded in the patient’s chart. Knowing how much and where the Neuromodulator was applied will make future applications precise and efficient so that maintenance of a patient’s desired result is easy. Small injections administer the Neuromodulator just under the skin into the muscles. It is expected that for a short 5-10 minutes following the application, patients can have a slight redness or elevation to the skin. Some patients have no visual indication that anything was done which makes Neuromodulator Injectables treatment a procedure that can be done with no downtime.

Dr. Jessica Gower recommends if it is your first time having Neuromodulator Injectables treatment, to return to the office in 2 weeks. Results can be assessed and any revisions completed at this visit. Typically Neuromodulator Injectables results will last 3 months and the procedure completed at this time to maintain desired results. If you have a high metabolism or not enough Neuromodulator was used, the timeframe may be less. However, patients who use Neuromodulators preventively or who have maintained their treatment routinely will find they may have their results last longer than 3 months.

Neuromodulator Injectables Care and Maintenance

After Neuromodulator treatment, we advise patients to not apply direct pressure to the treated sites for 4 hours. While sunglasses, masks, light SPF or makeup application are safe, we recommend patients to avoid wearing hats, goggles, laying down, applying ice, or rubbing the face. Some patients may experience a tingle feeling to treated areas or may have the area itch, bruise, or be slightly sore. These side effects are not common but if they present will disappear quickly. Other side effects like reaction to Neuromodulator, drooping of the eye, drooping of the eyebrow are even less likely to occur and are more related to the way the Neuromodulator is applied, which is why Dr. Gower is constantly reviewing the best techniques and treatment options for her patients. Specific post procedure instructions will be given to each patient depending on the areas treated. We want patients to have great results that last!

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